Where to find

Where to find
You can find KaraokeMania tracks in many different ways… Physical format, Digital format, through legal download on Karaoketosing, or in Karaoke on Demand.
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Where to find – Physical Format

You can find every album in CD on www.mundokaraoke.com.
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Costumer Support: geral@karaokemania.com
Techincal support: webmaster@karaokemania.com
Tel. Shop: + 351 265 741 555 / Fax: + 351 265 741 707

Where to find – Digital Tracks (MP4/AVI/mp3+G)

Download Karaoke

All Karaokemania tracks are available for download in our website: www.karaoketosing.com
Karaokemania tracks are available for download in various formats. You can find tracks in MP3+G, AVI / Xvid and MP4 .
To be able to download songs whose licenses you’ve purchased, you’ll have to register on the website .

For costumer information : geral@karaokemania.com
For matters relating to the website: webmaster@karaoketosing.com

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