About us

Karaoke began to develop in Portugal in the first half of the 90s, especially in Lisbon or Algarve.
We were in the LASER DISC era and the beginning of the appearance of the format that proved to be a standard in karaoke area: the CDG format.
During this decade appeared in Portugal some karaoke discs in Portuguese in CDI format, Philips’ project for a standard multimedia future that did not come to check.In Portugal we continued with an almost total absence of karaoke in our mother language, Portuguese.
In 1999, JGC-Management and Services, Lda, which had already launched the website www.mundokaraoke.com decided to invest in production in a Portuguese karaoke edition under the KANTATU brand whose registration with INPI – Industrial Property Institute has entry on 25 October 1999, being registered with the number 340643. The chosen format was the CDG.
In January 2000 came to market the first 4 discs KANTATU brand with an impressive success. JGC also published in late 2000 another 4 KANTATU karaoke discs.
The first collection with 8 discs was the Multiplex type, which means, each disc has tracks with just the playback and one alike but with a voice guide in one of the stereo channels, which can be removed by karaoke machines with Multiplex function often called L / R. We kept producing ever since.
On 11 October 2011, JGC, Lda, bought the SBP – São Brás Productions Karaoke, Lda karaoke brand KaraokeMania and all rights to the masters and edited content. By that, the MundoKaraoke now holds two leading karaoke brands in Portugal and cds of KaraokeMania brand can be purchased in our website www.mundokaraoke.com for all karaoke fans.
According to Jorge Calheiros, CEO and owner of JGC, Lda “was an opportunity that came up and we decided to grab with both hands”.
SBP started karaoke edition in Portuguese in June 2001 with the publication of the first VCDs (Video CDs), and quickly evolved into DVD format, reaching 16 volumes of different types of music and even a wide CDG collection.
At this point the MundoKaraoke has released all KaraokeMania collection in HD format. The entire collection KaraokeMania you like, now with background videos.
This format will be available with the dimensions 648×364 pixels perfectly adapted to the new TVs and monitors 16: 9.The formats / types of files are available Mp3 + G, MP4 and AVI / Xvid.